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Polypropylene Bags are Product which has got various uses and holds a big slice in export & domestic Industry. These bags have used in Cement Industry, Agricultural Industry, Constructions, and many more.

Apart from the technical queries or questions, there are still various questions that are not clear to the layman or even Industry people.

Royal Touch Fablon Pvt Ltd. try to cover questions through this article.

  1. What is the full form of PP bags?

PP bags is an abbreviation of Polypropylene Bags which has usage according to its characteristics. Available in Woven and Non-woven form, these bags have a huge variety to choose from.

2.  PP woven bags used for?

  1. In the construction Industry: Use to pack Waste Building material,  Sand & temporary tents.
  2. make various travel bags.
  3. cement Industry as Cement Bags.
  4. Agricultural Industry: To pack Potato Bag, Onion Bag, Salt Bag, Sugar, Flour bag, Rice Bag, etc.
  5. Chemical & Fertilizer Industry use for packing their material.
  6. Woven Fabrics that are available in various forms have a usage in Textile, Foodgrain Packaging.

3. How PP woven bags are made?

PP woven bags have a manufacturing process that includes 3 steps.

  1. Extrusion,
  2. Weaving,
  3. Finishing and Stitching& Printing. 

4. What is GSM in PP bags?

GSM stands for Gram per Square Meter. Through GSM one can measure the weight of fabric in Gram per One Square Meter.

5. What is denier in PP bags?

Denier is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fabric thickness of individual Tape / Yarn. It is considered as a quality in which PP bags required by Customers. We can make PP bags of 600-1400 denier.

6. What is the HS Code of PP bags?

PP bags have an HS code or Tariff Code which helps in shipping products all over the world. These HS codes are widely used in every international trade process’s Code of PP woven bag: 39232990.

7. Capacity: Our capacity to produce PP  small Bag 600 M.T. per Month.

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