“Carry bags unravel your personality to a great extent…”

And nobody understands this better until they have to deal with a
whole lot of packing bags daily. I, being the owner of a cement
company, have to take accounts of a large number of cement bags and
deal with their export and deliveries. During the initial days of my
business, I faced a serious concern regarding the packaging bags of
the cement. As on a daily basis we had to deliver and export loads of
cement to the construction sites and out of station also respectively,
the dire need of sturdy packing bags stood as a matter of concern for
our business. Of many of my contemporary companies, I have witnessed
their unfortunate decline due to low quality packaging that didn’t
allow them to carry their products properly.

So from the very beginning, I had promised myself to pay special heed
to the packaging of my quality cement to avoid complaints and negative
feedbacks of my customers. And none can be more relied upon in this
department other than Royal Touch Fablon. They have successfully
established themselves as one of the leading FIBC, polypropylene woven
sack and fabric manufacturers of Eastern India. I had learnt several
positive reviews about their products and service from my fellow
business friends and thus, thought of giving them a try. And I must
say that they have helped my business to flourish by their sustainable
packaging fabrics and I am highly impressed. I have always preferred
polypropylene woven sacks to all other packaging fabrics because woven
sacks if manufactured properly, are capable of carrying heavy
quantities and are the best for exporting. So, I had a talk with the
service team of Royal Touch Fablon and after discussing my
requirements, placed order for quite a number of sustainable woven
sacks that could carry cement to long distances. Within the scheduled
date, they successfully delivered the storage bags and they were so
sturdy and well manufactured. After seeking their service, my export
and delivery facilities have been smoother and that has helped me
achieve happy clients. For storage, delivery and export of kilograms
of cement, I can now completely depend on Royal Touch Fablon and their
sustainable woven sacks and would also love to recommend them to any
of you, who are dealing with heavy products like grains, fertilizers,
sugars, etc.

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