The world in the contemporary period has generated more awareness of acquiring sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and cause considerably less harm to the environment. FIBC bags made of polypropylene resin provide ample scope for transporting even delicate substances, like chemicals or pharmaceutical goods and provide eco-friendly solution that comply with the environmental laws too. In supply chain operations, transportation of cargos involves huge responsibilities, since the shipment items are quintessentially needed to be protected from any sorts of contamination, such as damp or moisture. The customized manufacturing of FIBC bags provide A to Z solution of air-tight bags that can prevent these damages.

Based on the purposes of various industries packaging bags of this kind are differentiated into customized categories to make them best fit for the desired purposes.

Common FIBC Bags: These super sacks with standard measures of 45-48 inches are easy carriers to transport all sorts of goods. These leak-proof, non-flammable super sacks mostly contain opening in the bottom which makes unloading materials easier.

Type C and D Bags: The Type-C super sacks are typically designed to for carrying flammable goods. Specialized electrically conductive fabric materials are being used in it for making it anti-static. This anti-static property is necessary since the charges generated on the inner walls of the bag bears the potential to ignite a combustion owing to the presence of combustible materials inside the bag. Thus, the Type-C bag is sufficient to dissipate these charges and prevent these kinds of mishaps for which are widely used for shipping of dry flammable materials.

Similarly, Type D bags are also somewhat similar to that of Type C, the only benefit is that it offers more effective to prevent any explosion arising from accumulation of electrostatic charges. The main difference that exists between the two is that unlike the other one Type D bags do not require to be grounded for neutralizing the charges. Depending upon the minimum ignition energy of the substances present at the premises it is recommended to choose your type of FIBC to avoid any sort of unwanted ignition.

Pharma Grade FIBC: These are specially curated FIBC bags that are meant for shipping pharma products for which are free from any contamination. Moreover, further quality control on the light table ensures that the bags are air tight and in good condition. The fabric used in these sacks generally undergoes screening and are approved by relevant bodies before going into production.

Food Grade FIBC: FIBC bags for shipping food grade raw materials are manufactured with utmost care to ensure least chances of contamination that may affect the shelf- life of raw substances. Pallet shrink wrapping and vaccum cleaning are done during manufacture which makes them free from germs, pollutants and dust particles.

Hope these are adequate to give you a brief idea on what exactly are FIBC bags and how they can be beneficial for businesses. Apart from being suitable for carrying delicate products, these bags are cost-effective too, since they can be re-used and re-cycled.

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