Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) first introduced in 1940s are the successor of PVC that has been accepted unanimously all around the world. Since bigger is often better, these super carriers have turned out to be a boon to the packaging industry both in terms of shipping s well as keeping the condition of the ingredients intact. A quintessential thing in the packaging and supply chain industry, here, we are intending to make you aware regarding the benefits of using these bulk polypropylene bags. Big bags have been in use in all industries which paved further way for development of its various customized types that has increased its reputation even more.

1 Time and space saving

Being a re-usable item, it is one of the cheapest systems for packaging, hence an economic choice. There is no need for a secondary container because the merchandise is already contained and guarded. It saves usable space for storing because it is stackable and barely features a volume of its own.

Opting for time saving packaging options? The use of FIBCs enables loading and unloading directly without wasting much time. Credit goes to specialized techniques adapted to this specific kind of packaging, filling, while emptying can be done directly from these bags with the specialized pocket in the bottom.

2 Ease of Handling and Shipping

Big Bags can transport generally up to 1 metric ton of weight itself being only 2.2-2.3lb. In addition, they’re easy to handle: FIBCs have integrated elevation loops, so it’s not necessary to use any external transport or handling device, and it avoids the need of using pallets or another sort of loading unit.

3 Versatility

Though there are general models of big bags but customizations are available in the industry as per the requirements which makes them more suitable to fit into the purpose. They can be printed, which isn’t only great for marketing purposes, but also for information regarding the merchandise or handling or transporting instructions.

4 Eco-Friendly

Not only is that the utilization of secondary packaging material unnecessary, but there are also more reasons why FIBCs are a sustainable solution. Big bags are reusable and mostly, its raw material can be decayed or recycled.

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