To ensure proper transportation of materials keeping the size, shape and condition intact, it is indispensable to opt the right packaging bags depending on the kind of materials to be shipped. For choosing an inappropriate one can have serious aftermath on your business. Therefore, it is clear that you need to understand your requirement first and look for the correct kind of FIBC made with maintaining highest quality standards to maintain a significant reputation of business.

Incorrect size makes unwanted repurcussions

These bulk bags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for which not all the sizes are fit for all kinds of goods. The most common mistake found among the buyers is choosing the incorrect size of bulk bag owing to inadequate knowledge regarding the product. If your super carrier does not come in correct size, it will make the task of loading and unloading more difficult. Moreover, this will cause problems both for you and your customers as well since inappropriate packaging can cause harm to product in it.

Be ensured regarding the quality of the materials

Quality is the foremost factor to consider for any kinds of FIBC bags. Buyers are often seen to compromise with quality of packaging bags owing to different reasons, mainly pricing. But they lack the understanding that compromising the quality of bags may lead to compromise with the health of their own products. For example, not same quality of bulk bags can be used for storing chemicals and food products.

Single Trip & Multi-Trip Bags

It is important for clients who shall use an FIBC Bag quite once, to shop for Multi-Trip Bags. These bags are specially designed by the manufacturers so that the client can use the bags more than once. Of course, the essential FIBC Handling guidelines must be met. However, by choosing to shop for Multi-Trip bags, the client can save a big amount of cash within the end of the day .

Choosing the Wrong Big Bags Supplier

There are pretty much of bulk bag, manufacturers in the market. But not all of them are trusted reputation in terms of quality and pricing. Always try to rely on trusted manufacturers or suppliers for an uninterrupted supply of big bags. Choosing a manufacturer with no proven diary or international experience can mean several risks besides the likelihood that it might be detrimental to your business reputation. For example, if you are using FIBC bags for transporting food grade items be sure to verify whether your manufacturer comply with the FDA norms to ensure best shelf-life of packed materials.

Don’t ignore the safety instructions

FIBC Bag manufacturers in India always provide an inventory of guidelines on the way to use FIBC Big Bags. This is to make sure that you simply can optimize the utilisation of the majority bags you purchase . For instance, if you’re buying Type-C or Type-D FIBC bags for transporting combustible material that can get ignited due to the accumulation of electrostatic charges, the FIBC Big Bags Supplier will offer you instructions to try to to that efficiently. So, to ensure the safety of your own be sure to adhere to the guidelines as prescribed by the manufacturer.

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