Since inception, FIBC bags had gone several modifications and changes time-to-time based on the changing needs as well as utilization in the industry. Though trends have changed but the importance of these bulk sacks has not decreased still now owing to its modifications over time. So, if not sure where to use them, here are a list of top applications of FIBC bags that will make the picture crystal clear.

Shipping of agricultural products

The agricultural products need breathable packaging arrangements that can let air and moisture pass through it. The uncoated FIBC bags are made of sturdy as well as breathable fabric that allows the agricultural products to remain intact without any distortion. Hence, with the right packaging material wastage of pulses, grains or animal feeds cab be effectively controlled.

Transporting powdered materials

Carrying of powdered materials, be it food-grade products or minerals such as, cobalt powder, zinc ash, titanium oxide, whatever may it be, requires adequate packaging bags that are made of non-breathable fabric. Contrary to the above one, these kinds of products if not being packed properly and get exposed to air and moisture, it will turn out to create loss of products. Hence, the coated variant of FIBC seems suitable for these kinds of powdered materials.

Construction and building materials

The construction industry relies on a quick and efficient supply of materials like cement, sand, stone, gravel, also as metals and minerals. Therefore, it’s extremely critical to possess reliable and sturdy bags to move construction materials. FIBC Bag fits the requirements of the industry as they’re sturdy and versatile enough to be moved around on-site. Plus, they will be easily wont to transport materials across vast distances.

Packaging of Critical Products

Ordinary FIBC bags are prone to develop electrostatic charges inside them owing to the friction during transportation of various products. This creates grave danger to transport inflammable materials in those bags. Since they are prone to static charges, which can build up to cause explosions. This makes the TYPE-C or D bags a smart choice for inflammable products that permits to avoid such dangerous circumstances. These bags possess static control characteristics are perfect for the aim of stacking, storing, lifting, and transporting petroleum and other flammable products. Even they are resistant to sparks and static which ensures safety during transportation.

Shipping of plastics

Generally, pellets are used for shipping of plastics in bulk quantity for transportation from manufacturing plants to the factories. The thermoplastic industry serves nearly every other industry within the world and intrinsically , depends heavily on bulk packing for the availability of its goods. FIBC Bags are a superb option for safe and economic transportation of plastic pellets.

Besides, these there are numerous other utilizations of FIBC bags are found in the industry. Though widely recognized but not all are aware of the different variants of these sacks owing to which a huge number of people end up opting the wrong variant of FIBC bags. Hence in order to get the maximum benefits one must choose wisely the correct variant of FIBC bags as per the purpose.

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