RTF has fully equipped manufacturing facilities located in Kolkata and Raipur in eastern India. The factories occupy 175000 Sq. Ft. constructed area with more than 320000 Sq. Ft. of Lush Green Campus. These facilities are augmented with adequate power and water sources. Company is equipped with following Manufacturing Infrastructure.


Extrusion lines

We have a total raffia extrusion capacity of 1800 kg per hour equipped with the state of the art Extrusion Lines from Lohia Starlinger and JP Industries. These extruders are capable of producing high tenacity tapes with homogenous composition and low variation.


Weaving Section

This comprises of a battery various circular looms form 4 Shuttle to 8 Shuttle and the looms are capable of weaving the fabric from 14” Tubular to 82” Tubular or 164” Lay Flat fabric. The machines are capable of weaving from 7 X 7 Mesh to 18 X 18 Mesh.


FIBC Manufacturing

The Company has a facility for manufacturing FIBC BAG at Kolkata. We are capable of manufacturing Circular as well as U+2 panel bags. The range of GSM for the fabric is from 130 to 250 GSM. We are capable of manufacturing Q Bag or Baffle Bag, Single Loop and Two Loop Bags, Builders bags with Four Loops and Tunnel Lift, Garden Waste Bags, Box Bags, Ground Covers and various other specialty FIBCs and Woven Polypropylene Products.


Liner Extrusion Section

Liner Plant is having installed capacity of 300MT/Month. Operating width from 4” to 122”. Our liner unit comprises of 14 extruders with ancillary cutting, sealing and printing facilities. We can print up to 6 color on rotogravure as well as flexographic machinery.


Lamination/ Coating Plant Section

The installed capacity of Coating plant is 180MT/Month with 3 extruders of 60” laminating width. The Coating Plant is fitted with Automatic Laser Sensing and edge trimming device for narrow edge trim cutting.


Printing Section

We are armed with a battery of various automatic cutting and printing machine.. Corona treatment facility up to 42 dyne is possible with infra-red heating elements for quick drying of the flexography ink is installed on the printing line. This helps in providing good ink anchorage thereby preventing the scuffing of Ink in storage and transit. There are other five manual printing machines from 2 colors to 4 colors with the printing range from 10” to 52” in Width and 10” to 72” in Length. The company is having a rotogravure machine for printing up 6 color on BOPP film.


Cutting Section

The automatic cutting machine cuts per minute or approximately 90000 cuts per day. The section also consists of three manual cutting machines and Spout cutting machine


Stitching Section

We have more than 150 stitching machines of different capabilities. These include 502, 603 Armstrong and Juki sewing machines. We are also able to provide with bags stitched with Heracle + Safety Pattern. Our baling machines are from Poland and they can press efficiently to achieve loading of 27MT of small bags and 20 MT of builders bags.

Webbing Sections

We are having 28 Heads of Webbing Machine which can view webbing from 6 MM to 90 MM and from 60 KGF strength to 3000 KGF Strength in different Weaving Patterns as per the requirements of Bags.


Quality Assurance Section

The factory has fully equipped Quality testing Laboratory. The Laboratory has equipment like Digital Tensile Strength Machine, Digital Elongation Testing Machine, M.F.I. Testers, Dart Impact Testers and Digital Thermometers etc. This helps us to monitor & check process parameter as well as finished products. Quality Laboratory issues Test Certificate for each consignment dispatched from the factory.


Back-up Power

The entire factory is backed up by Diesel Generators and all tape extruders are backed by UPS of adequate capacity to ensure smooth operations and homogenous quality.