PP Woven Sack/Bag Manufacturer in Kolkata

PP Woven Sack/Bag Manufacturer in Kolkata

PP (Polypropylene) woven bags or woven PP bags manufacturer in Kolkata, India are plastic woven bags primarily made of polypropylene, are widely used for material packing for fertilizer, cement, sand, food grains, sugar, cattle feed, and many other industries. PP woven bags/sacks have the advantages of lighter weight, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear-resistance and wider variety of usage in comparison with PE woven bags or PVC woven bags. These sacks allow sufficient passage of air to the packed items and ensure the phenomenon of ‘breathing’ space in packed grains. These moisture-proof PP woven sacks are perfect for packing of rice, spices, flour, fertilizers, sugar, agro products and other materials.


RTF is one of the leading Polypropylene (PP) bags and fabric manufacturer in Kolkata, India, and a leading exporter in the international market. We are manufacturing polypropylene woven bags since 2001. Owing to our long experience, we can offer our customers great value in terms of quality, delivery schedules and of course competitive prices. Our range includes bags with the following options-

 A. Lamination – matt and glossy with BOPP sandwich coating also

 B. Printing- 4 color print with corona treatment and inside gusset also

 C. Liner- Inserted liner with or without top hem

 D. Valve- cements bags or laminated bags with valve for material filling



For Packaging of:

  • Chemicals, Fertilizer, Cement, Urea, Minerals, Resin, Polymers, rubber.
  • Flour, grain, seeds, spices, pulses, dates, agro product, fish meal, cattle feed, vegetable.
  • Sands, Metal parts, concrete elements.
  • Sugar, Salt.






 55 to 150 GSM or even higher as per requirement


 From 45 – 220  cm or as per requirement


 As per requirement


 White, natural or as per requirement


 One or four colors imprint (on one side or both sides of the bag)


 1000 bags per bale or as per requirement

 Bag opening

 Heat cut, hemmed with vent or valve

 PE lining

 Optionally polyethylene lining can be sewn in, to obtain tight packaging


 Yes if required


 Yes if required

 UV stabilization

 Yes if required


Bag Formats (HDPE / PP Bags)

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Circular Woven Bottom Stitched Laminated or Unlaminated

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Circular Woven Unlaminated. With loose PE Liner Bottom Stitched

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Circular Woven Unlaminated / laminated Both ends Sewn Valve Type Mouth

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Box Bags / Bale Wraps May be stitched with a lid. Coated / Uncoated

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