fibc bulk bags

FIBC Bulk Bags have come up as revolutionary custom packaging solutions in the world. Flexible Intermediate Bulk (FIBC) Bags offer efficient ways of storing and transporting products and material including hazardous and dry, flow-able material.

This bulk packaging option is both environment friendly and cost effective, giving customers a great value for money by reducing company cost under several overhead. Let us discuss the different ways that FIBC Bulk bags can help to reduce your shipping and transit cost.

Reduced Storage Costs

Warehousing is expensive and businesses across the world pay huge prices for warehouse space and focus a lot of effort in maximising their storage space.

FIBC bags offer an easy solution to this problem.

  • Always are pressed in a Press machine and packed in Bales to reduce storage volume.
  • Bags can be stacked on one another.
  • FIBCs are also easy to store as these can be stacked up on top of each other. This method of storage can help you to maximise your storage space and reduce costs.

Reduced Transportation Costs

  • FIBC Bags can be customized to match the optimum utilization of your transportation cost.
  • Its possible to stack upto 1 bag over the bottom bag inside a container.
  • Cost is also reduced as less manpower is required to handle the Bags as compared to the traditional 25/ 50kg sacks.

Capacity to Carry Large Quantities

FIBC Bags are strong and durable to carry such huge quantities help reduce overall shipping cost.


FIBC Bags can be customized to meet the specific client requirement. Some of the options for bag construction are: U Panel Bags, FIBC Baffle Bags, Circular Bags etc. Also, there are multiple options for Bag Filling and Discharge such as: Top Spout, Duffle, Flap Top, Iris, Petal etc.

FIBC Bags make for efficient storage and transportation of bulk products and reduce shipping costs considerably. However it is important to opt for reliable custom Packaging Solutions Providers who will provide you with premium quality FIBC Bags.