PP woven bag manufacturer in kolkata

Transportation of bulk items needs strong and jumbo bags, and so we have come up with durable jumbo bags in India. We at jumbo bag manufacturers in India are known for our quality bags that allow our clients to reach product reach safely. These bags are designed cost-effective and best for dry shopping products to different states or countries.
The high-quality fabric and stitching make it best for packing bulk products. It is
safe for shipping all types of dry products and so instead of opting for small
bags; it is better to go for bulk bags. The easy availability of such bags has
made it possible for everyone to opt for jumbo bags.

Why opt for jumbo bags?

There are different types of bags in the market, but nothing is better than jumbo bags for shipping bulk things. We are one of India’s reliable jumbo bag manufacturers that can fulfil clients for reliable packing bags. No one can bare loss or damage to their products while shipping, and so we have come with high-quality bags that can ship products safely.
People who are shipping their products from one place to another always lookout for reliable options. Our jumbo bags are one of them that can make shipping safe and thus help in the business’s growth. These bags are exceptionally durable and can survive all types of atmospheric changes. We manufacture these jumbo bags with high-quality fabric that is suitable for packing bulk products.
All our bags are coated so that there is no harm even in weather changes. These bags are used to carry bulk products, and so it is strong enough to handle stuff. The sewing style of such a bag is quite different as it is being used in carrying bulk things. Moreover, these bags are used for having domestic as well as international packaging.


Which are different types of jumbo bags?

We are known for manufacturing different type of jumbo bags that are as follows:

  • Regular bags: These types of bags are mainly for loading weights between 500 to 2000kgs. It is suitable for non-inflammable dry products.
  • Conductive bags: It is also known as type C bags, mainly for the transportation of flammable substances. These bags are made with nonconductive propylene fabric, which is suitable for carrying combustible dry products.
  • Dissipative bags: These bags are made with static dissipative thread for flammable shipping products. It also provides protection when any flammable substance is nearby bags.
  • Liner bags: It has multi-layer liners laminated and best when looking to ship hygroscopic materials. The liners are glued to the bags to give them more protection and make them contamination safe.
    The competition is quite challenging as many other companies are manufacturing jumbo bags. But we ensure to come up with high quality, durable jumbo bags that can fulfill our customers’ demands. Our bags are available in different sizes and cost to have based on their requirements. If you are looking for jumbo bags, feel free to connect with us and get the best bags.