Polypropylene bags were introduced into India in last-sixties and there are a large number of PP bag manufacturing units in India. Polypropylene Bags are more accurately referred to as PP Bags or PP Woven Bags. PP bags are prepared using various PP Woven fabrics or PP Woven Sheets with variety of qualities, patterns, prints, colors, sizes and different capacities.

Due to its attractive features PP bags have quickly gained popularity in the market and nowadays these are extensively adopted by various industries. PP Bags have become an ideal choice for industrial packaging, where it is widely used in packing foods, fertilizer, powders, cements, chemicals in granulated form, etc. Some of the strong features of PP bags/Sheets are noted here:

  • Protects Products or commodities, ensuring safe storage
  • Extends the shelf Life
  • Prevents spoilage
  • Eco-friendly and pocket-friendly
  • 100% reusable and durable
  • Light in weight and flexible
  • Excellent resistance to stress and high resistant to cracking
  • Humidity and Dust proof
  • Easy to clean and anti bacterial
  • Breathable or water proof with a laminated film
  • Can be colored or printed
  • Can be stored in an open area

Considering all above we can summarize PP woven Bags/ PP Woven Sheets Manufactured by Royal Touch Fablon  are ideal for Bulk Packaging. Our PP bags / HDPE woven products are suitable for all kind of packaging requirements. We aim to provide our customers with complete packaging solutions in accordance to their requirements and specifications.

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