Belonging from the family of a trading businessman, export and import procedures have always been in the forefront of our company and I happened to witness its pros and cons from quite close. One major aspect that can anytime ruin your entire trading business, is the quality of packing that is being used to deliver the products.

I have inherited the grocery dealership business from my dad and thus, my daily routine includes supply of heavy grocery products to certain local areas as well as outside the town. During the time when my dad used to control the business, many times I have seen him face major losses due to weak and cheap sacks that tend to ruin the consisting products before they could even reach the customer. As bulk grocery items are of heavy weight, choosing a h=sturdy sack or packing material is of utmost importance, that few realizes. So, when I got the chance to run the family business, my foremost step was to opt for a company that can deliver me sturdy FIBC or polypropylene sacks. Also, I am a strict avoider of plastic bags that are sources of health hazards. Henceforth, finding a company that is capable of delivering bulk of environment friendly products that too in affordable price, was not at all easy until my friend suggested me Royal Touch Fablon Pvt. Ltd. I was quick enough to contact them and elaborate my requisites. I was impressed by their suggestions and their customer feedbacks. So, wasting no more time, I ordered a few samples of FIBC bags to use. They were quite sturdy and made of combustible materials that make them safe to use in all condition. That marked my journey with Royal Touch Fablon. I am happily their regular customer now and the bulks of FIBC bags that I order from them have helped me bring success in my business. The sturdy and qualified bags are safe in delivering food products all to long distances. I have already receives ample positive reviews from my clients regarding the delivery which had been missing in the earlier days.

I am forever grateful to Royal Touch Fablon for the amazing service. Would love to recommend them to all.

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