FIBC or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are basically large sized bags which are made out of polypropylene which has been woven. These FIBC bags are generally used for the transportation or storage of dry products. In common terms, they are more popularly known as ‘Jumbo bags’ and are used mainly by food production and pharmaceutical industries.

Generally, people who make use of FIBC bags are concerned about control of static electricity which is when electric charges are imbalanced within certain materials. When these jumbo bags are filled to capacity or when they are rapidly discharged with fine powders, it can lead to static electricity build up. It is crucial to prevent or remove electrical charge while packing any sort of combustible or flammable materials or when combustible dust is likely to be present in an environment.

Type A Bags

Type A FIBCs do not provide any sort of protection from static electricity and hence, they should definitely not be used for the storage and transportation of any flammable material. These types of bags are generally made from polypropylene which is woven. Type A FIBCs are also usually made from fabrics which are non-conductive in nature.

Type B Bags

These FIBCs have a low breakdown voltage which does not generally exceed 6 kV. This is quite effective for the prevention of explosive dust-air mixtures from igniting. However, these bags cannot dissipate static electricity and hence cannot be termed as ‘antistatic’.Type B FIBC bags are perfect for the transportation of powders which are dry and flammable. They can be transported very safely.

However, remember that no flammable gases or solvents should be kept in close proximity to the bag. These do not have any interwoven materials with conductive properties.

Type C Bags

This is also known as Conductive Jumbo FIBC is produced from fabric which is non-conductive in nature but has conductive threads which are interwoven. Type C FIBCs are safe to use in environments which have explosive gases or dusts around.Flammable powder substances can be safely transported in these Type C FIBC bags.

Also, these Type C FIBC bags can be used safely in the presence of gases or solvents which are flammable.

Type DBags

These are also known as Dissipative FIBC bags and are generally made from material which is antistatic in nature. It is composed of antistatic and static dissipative yellow threads. These bags do not really require to be grounded.These materials prevent incendiary sparks from taking place.Combustible substances can easily be packaged, stored and transported in these types of bags.Type D FIBC bags are most commonly used for the transportation of flammable powder substances.

They should never be used in cases where the surface is covered in grease or water because these are conductive materials.

Be it any type of FIBC bags, all of them are environment friendly and pollution free at the same time, thus, serving equal purposes. Being a user, you just need to keep in mind your specific requirements before choosing the perfect type for you.

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