FIBC Bag Manufacturers in India

PP (polypropylene) woven bags are widely used as basic packaging materials in agriculture and industry. PP is the abbreviation of Polypropylene, which is thermoplastic resin produced by propylene polymerization. Weaving by machine or knitting is the method of gathering a lot of polypropylene type from warp and weft to form PP woven fabric in some certain applications. PP woven bag is made by cutting the tube of PP woven fabric into special length, sewing it on one side and opening on the other side.

With the development of high-quality specifications, more and more attention has been paid on the purity of products, appearance of packaging and the pollution of powder scraps discharged from bags. Therefore, the selection of packaging bags has become quite important. In the past, the craft bag was used as the packaging of products. Because the craft bag is not a single material and it is easy to produce other pollution sources, but the PP woven bag has no such trouble.

Let us find the go through the benefits of PP woven sacks and find out why it is extremely important to discard the usage of polythene altogether and switch on to woven sacks.

  1. PP material is non-toxic.
  2. The durability of PP woven materials makes PP woven bags reusable
  3. Easy to clean and antibacterial
  4. The bag itself is light in weight.
  5. The knitting method makes the woven bag breathable
  6.  Low cost
  7. Flexible
  8. Able to retain shape well
  9. Strong and sturdy and can reused multiple times.
  10.  Unlike other packing bags, these woven sacks can be easily washed in the washing machines, allowing a deep cleansing.
  11.  Tear resistant
  12.  Breathable
  13.  Can be laminated as the moisture barrier and vapor.
  14.  Partially transparent for an appealing presentation.
  15.  Can be printed on both sides.

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