There are several variations to woven pp bags. They are generally available in flat-form (pillow shape) tucket bottom or gusseted (brick-shape) bags. They can be open moth hemmed top which can eliminate fraying and can provide reinforcement for nag closing.

They can have a single fold and chain-stitched bottom seam or they can have heat cut tops, doubling folding, and twice sewn bottoms. Woven pp bags come in many different sizes in each type offered.

If you are packing items and shipping them, or even buying items at the store to transport home you want to make sure they are packaged securely. You do not want any tears, rips, or breaks in transport. Poly Bags are woven for added strength and durability. They are tough and strong and can get the job done very easily. Have confidence in your bag, use woven polypropylene bags.


As the name indicates, plain PP woven bags are simple PP bags made with virgin plastic. The bags’ advanced properties like light-weight, tear-resistance, and durability make it a perfect option to store sugar, animal feed, grains, etc.


These are the kind of PP bags with liner inside. Liner PP bags are the perfect packaging option for the material that requires the highest protection. These sacks are used to store and transport materials with finer particles such as chemicals, detergent, sugar, cement, etc.


When you coat the plastic bags with an extra layer of poly film, the resultant bags are called PP laminated bags. The bags’ high tear strength, weather resistance, and anti-toxicity properties make it an ideal bag for storing and transporting content that needs to be saved from humidity and water.


Gusseted bags are the PP bags in which an extra piece of material is added to enhance the bags’ volume or capacity. Besides, the flat surface of the bag enables the sacks to stand erect without any external support.


BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. It is a layer that is added as an extra layer to the PP woven bags to enhance its strength. BOPP laminated bags have higher durability and are attractive and durable. These bags are primarily used to store and transport multiple contents, including grains, animal feed, and fertilizers.

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