As the global pandemic has taken a toll on the entire business world, I, being a business man was not any exception. So to earn my bread and support my family, I decided to try my hands on the export and delivery of grocery items within the city. After a few discussions, my childhood friend and I decided to join hands in this new venture and within few weeks, made all the arrangements.

  Initially, we started getting enough orders, more than our expectations and our deliveries included sugar, flour, rice, salt, spices and other groceries. We soon gained many valuable customers who trusted us and was impressed by our reasonable price and courteous behavior. But to our utter surprise, after a month, we started receiving complaints regarding our delivery and most of the feedbacks were regarding weak packing system. The packing sacks that we were using were not sturdy enough to accommodate the heavy load and hence, many of the products were getting either damaged or leak away on the way. That was the moment when both of us realized the importance of packing bags in case of delivery or export business. A single fault in packing can lead to the decline of your well established business in just a week also. While we were looking for a solution, my brother in law came with the contact number of Royal Touch Fablon. They are one of the world’s leading FIBC, manufacturers of polypropylene woven sacks, that are the most suitable packing sacks currently. We immediately contacted them and informed them about our issues and requirements. We were glad to learn about their reasonable price rate and soon, we ordered a bulk of PPP bags from their wide range of FIBC bags. They also agreed to customize the woven sacks according to our specifications and the end result simply amazed us.

     The standards of quality of their woven PP sacks never allowed us to receive any more complaints from our customers. And, we are extremely thankful to Royal Touch Fablon for satisfying our needs and encouraging our business to reach new peaks of success.

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