FIBC bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container bags are known for their several capabilities, such as carrying hazardous materials, preventing static shocks and carrying filled weight of up to 4400 pounds. Because of these capabilities and their sizes, FIBC Big bags must be handled carefully to ensure the safety of the products and for the people who handle these Jumbo bags. Always choose a reputed FIBC Bags supplier to ensure that you deal with high quality bags.

Here are the four precautions to keep in mind when you are dealing with FIBC Jumbo bags:

1. Ensure All Equipment Used in Handling of FIBC Bags are Free from Damage

All equipment used in the process of filling, lifting and transporting filled FIBC Bulk Bags need to be damage free. Ensuring this is critical for the safety of the product and for the workers.  Any damage to the bags can cause spilling of the products which will result in wastage. Other equipment like cranes and forklifts should be well maintained.

2. When Suspending FIBC Bags, Use All Lift Loops

 All standard FIBC Bulk Bags come with loops. These are placed strategically to ensure convenience while lifting these bags. It is never advisable to lift these bags without using all the loops. In case the bag is lifted with lesser number of loops than provided in the bag, there are high chances of bag failure and material leakage.

3. Always Go for Trained Personnel

The people operating the crane, lift or hoist must be adequately trained in their job. Ensure that they all have relevant training certifications. Monitor that they always wear their safety gear to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

4. Know the FIBC Handling Guidelines

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA) has an exhaustive handling guideline for safe ways of dealing with FIBC Jumbo bags. Ensure that you are well aware of these general dos and don’ts that are stipulated in these guidelines before and while you handle these Bulk bags.

Apart from the above safety precautions, ensure that the site where you are lifting these bags is kept free of people. When FIBC bags are being lifted there should be no one except the crane operator to ensure that he is not distracted. Also, if the bags split, that can cause harm to human lives.

These are some of the general safety precautions you should adhere to when handling FIBC bags. However, do not hesitate to contact your FIBC Bags supplier if you have any specific queries.

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