Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India

Our environment is our home. Just as we protect our home and keep it safe, it is our duty to keep our environment protected and safe. Using only plastic bags brought a huge effect in our environment. Hence According to the Environment Protection Agency using the Plastic Polypropylene is much safer to use. Nowadays, Polypropylene is the only commercial plastic that is user in market. A high demand of PP is increasing day by day as the same composition is present in Polypropylene.

 RTF manufactures PP products that are used to carry bulk products from one place to another. Woven bags, Jumbo bags, Plastic carry bags, Garbage bags, FIBC bags are the products of RTF. Every product of RTF has the strength to carry loads as it is made with good quality. The Polypropylene is derived from petroleum which is good for our environment. Keeping it in mind, RTF have all sorts of products that are made up of plastic polypropylene.

From Plastic containers, to plastic carry bags, print carry bags, handmade carry bags – all the products are made with high quality plastic materials that are also approved by the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI).

Maintaining a healthy environment is somewhere our duty; hence along with the production of PP bags and other products, we need to maintain how far it is effecting our environment. Using of plastic is harmful to human beings as it can be the cause of cancer. But the polypropylene plastic has a very low risk of harming human beings and living things. Using of polypropylene is not at all a harmful material. .

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