Food safety in the packaging industry is ever evolving and stricter industry standards and government regulations are becoming the norm. On top of tougher standards, there are more third party accreditations that are recognized and sometimes required by large food manufacturers and retailers to keep track of.

If all of that wasn’t enough, there is a lot of false information on the web when it comes to food grade bulk bags. Lets examine and debunk three of the most commonly found food grade bulk bag “myths” on the web.

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 Myth #1: “FOOD AUTHORITY OF INDIA approved bag”

Food and Drug Administration (FOOD AUTHORITY OF INDIA) approved bags do not exist. The FOOD AUTHORITY OF INDIA does not issue any approval, certificate, or accreditation for FIBCs or FIBC liners.

The FOOD AUTHORITY OF INDIA states that pure virgin polypropylene resin “may be safely used as articles or components of articles intended for use in contact with food.

For more information on the FOOD AUTHORITY OF INDIA’s position on food contact with polypropylene.

Myth #2: GFSI accreditation

The Global Food Safety Initiative also lookafter good quality packaging material for internation trade. GFSI DOES NOT make policy for retailers, manufacturers OR undertake any accreditation or certification activities.

Fact: GFSI recognizes some third-party accreditations and certifications

The GFSI does recognize some third party accreditations/food safety management schemes and certifications such as:

BRC – British Retail Consortium: BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials Issue 4 .
SQF – Safe Quality Food Institute: SQF Code 7th Edition; Level 2.
Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC)
International Featured Standards (IFS): IFS PAC secure, Version 1 .

The GFSI also focuses on bringing together food safety experts from around the world as well as driving global change through multi-stakeholder projects on strategic issues such as auditor competence, regulatory affairs, and food safety for small suppliers.
Myth #3: Any bulk bag can be used with food grade products as long as food grade liner accompanies them

This is completely false and is a common theme throughout the web. Not all FIBCs are created equal and just because you are using a food grade liner with a bag does not mean any bag can be used for food grade products.

Bags that come or could come in contact with food grade products should be manufactured with 100% virgin polypropylene resin. Bags made from 100% virgin resin insure that no recycled materials are included in the materials that are used to manufacture the bag, which decreases the likelihood that your product is contaminated.

Food Grade Bags that are manufactured in BRC certified facilities are produced in a clean room that adheres to the highest of standards including but not limited to:

Proper ventilation
Pest control
Metal detection
Light table inspection
Proper personnel wardrobe
Proper personnel hygiene
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program
Record keeping

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