FIBC Bulk Containers is the short form for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. These are commonly known as Big Bags in the wide market and are used for the storage and transportation of all kinds of heavy and loose or granulated materials. There are several companies nowadays who specialize in manufacturing these containers and also design specific containers for specific requirements of certain customers. The storage and transportation of goods and materials is a significant aspect of any manufacturing and delivery brand. Hence, it is equally important to understand this importance and manufacture the containers with the best possible design and materials according to the requisites of the particular customer and the goods he is dealing with.

Points to remember while handling FIBC bags:

  • Make sure to avoid any sharp edges on any equipment used for handling. Lifting straps are prone to easy torn by forklift tines and crane hooks, which can even lead to dangerous situations. Check these out first. This would help you to maintain the longevity of the FIBC bags.
  • All lifting straps should be used in a vertical manner (or single-point centre pick, if applicable). The lifting instructions given by the producer must be strictly followed in order to distribute the load evenly.
  • When moving a bulk bag, don’t block your view. The key to moving loaded bags is to avoid people and other obstacles. Communication that is clear and works well play a key role over here.

How to practice safe storage of FIBC containers or bags:

  • Nails and other sharp things should be kept away from the bags. Make sure there are no sharp edges or objects on the floor or walls that could damage the bags like tear or rip them.
  • Direct sunlight is always harmful for the FIBC bags or containers. If you ever leave the bags out in direct sunlight or UV rays for a long time, the outer material tends to break because it can only handle a certain amount of exposure. The best way to store them is under a roof or with a proper protection.
  • Among the FIBC bags, there is a separate category of stack bags built especially to stack things. Not all bulk container bags are made to be stacked, so only stack the ones that are made to be. Also, make sure they stay in place, and if they need to be stacked, do it in a pyramid shape.
  • Full bags should be stored on the floor or on plain surfaces. Some of them can also be stored on pallet racks or in other places, but the best way to keep them safe is to keep them on the ground.

So if you are thinking of Introducing FIBC bags to your company for carrying loads, be sure to keep the above mentioned points in your priority list or else even the sturdy bags can show various damaging indications, bringing ill effects to your business.

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