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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) is renowned for storage and transportation of solid dry bulk materials. They are made of woven polypropylene and are often used with liners to keep the contents safe from moisture, dust, dirt, UV rays, oxygen, and risks of damage from exposure to other contaminants to which they are frequently subjected to during transit.

FIBC bulk bags can be found with built-in liners or you can even purchase them separately and fit them manually inside the bag according to your usage. It is always expedient to buy bulk bags with pre-installed liners, but using removable liners has the benefits of being flexible and reusable.

Let us introduce you some popular reasons for using FIBC bulk bag liners.

  1. Protection Against Leakage

FIBC liner bags are constructed in a way to prevent seeping and are also dust and leak-proof. They are preferably used as carrier bags for dry bulk materials and fine, powdery substances such as wheat, rice, flour, salt, sugar, pulses, coffee, sand, cement, fertilizers, urea, petrochemicals, etc. Liner bags are also capable of contents and prevent them from flowing outside.

2. Highest Application in Food And Pharmaceutical Industries

The food and drug industries demand requirements of high standards of packaging, transportation, and distribution with zero damage to their contents because of their import and export methods, that too over a long distance. The raw and finished materials need to be protected from moisture, sunrays, dust, or anything that might tend to alter their original composition negatively. They must at any cost be kept fresh and free from contamination from beginning to end, that is from packing until delivery.

3. Act as Moisture and Chemical Barrier

Bag liners function as the helping hand to shield the bag contents from moisture and sensitive components that the contents inside them face during transit. They also act as a protective cushion against damage caused by humidity, aromas, grease, and moisture that could result in content spoilage.

4. Act as Oxygen Barrier

Specific Liners reject penetration of oxygen and other airborne contaminants inside the bag. They serve as barriers, protecting and preserving packaged products from any damage. They are ideal for consumable products that are traveling straight out of the factory. They keeps the content in original and perfect condition, at the same time retaining content freshness.

5. Extra Layer of Protection

When items are already shipped, liner bags can serve the purpose of an outer bag just like a cushion cover, where it is pulled over another bag that is filled with required contents, and tied securely to avoid any harm during the journey.

So if you are still stuck in the dilemma whether to change your packaging for your valuable goods in order to make them reach intact to the customers, it is right time that you switch to FIBC bags with liners and see an immediate change in your consumer feedbacks.

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