Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India

Before the dawn of flexible packaging, large volumes of material were handled in bulky metal or wooden boxes, drums, train carriages, barges, or trucks. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) came into being to do away with the stumbling blocks of rigid packaging. Let us see how the FIBC bags evolved gradually to become the first choice of any merchandise company.

  1. The early stage of FIBCs

The earliest FIBCs were mere rugged sheets of heavy-duty PVC-coated nylon or polyester, connected together to give the shape of a container and handled using attached pallets or lift swings. With the rising demand for flexible and sturdy packaging, these containers gradually paved the way for woven polypropylene bulk bags. Although initially FIBCs were used to deliver hazardous materials only, due to constant innovative development in the structural and design features, the bulk bags of recent times have sought a secured place in industries like chemical, mining, building and construction, agriculture, food, etc.

  • Ensuring the long-lasting freshness of products

With more industries opening up and businesses reaching across success globally, the challenge to enhance the longevity of products loomed at large. Innovative FIBC products like Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) removes this challenge by replacing the oxygen, that is the main element that causes oxidation or decay of products, with the inducement nitrogen in a package to increase the life of perishable goods.

  • Innovative design aspects

The retail boom led to massive changes in product packaging and branding because undoubtedly safe shipping is one of the most significant features of any business. This resulted in FIBCs being introduced in coloured fabric, webbing and printing of the customer logo accordingly. Recently, FIBCs with BOPP printing are also very much trending for customers to pack their products and improve their company branding according to their requirements.

  • Packaging to keep food safe

For food products, extra care to safeguard products from contamination and from spillage is mandatory. From production to consumption, packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the product’s safety from various elements, fungus or mildew growth, or pest infestation. If your packaging has outdoor application, getting UV-protected bags is appropriate as we all know the threatening effects of ultraviolet rays, that too with the rapid growth of global warming. Furthermore, food-grade packaging produced with 100% virgin polypropylene fabric in certified clean and hygienic rooms is essential to do away with any sort of contamination.

All the aforesaid features and methods have enabled FIBC bags to be the most trustworthy and safest carry bags for any brand dealing with delivery of products. From a mere raw material to such amazing innovations according to the requirements of blooming companies and their products, FIBC bags are now a must needed part of your business.

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