FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) Bags are world famous bags, mostly known for their capability, size, strength as well as their application. These FIBC bags can accommodate everything from hazardous materials to prevention of static shocks, carrying bulky items, etc. A well-reputed FIBC Bags manufacturer not only holds the responsibility of providing you with the most durable bags but also handles after-sales service in terms of providing various guidelines while catering to your FIBC Bag. Some of these instructions are given shortly as under-

  1. Caring for empty FIBC:

In order to ensure the optimum quality of FIBC while it is in use, it is compulsory to take care of even the unused FIBC on site. Industrial sites are a place where these bags come across various elements. This is why it is really important to keep the unused FIBC bags undercover and well protected to preserve it from accumulating any dirt or harmful material inside it before being used. Moreover, keeping it secured from direct sunlight helps in preserving its long-lasting fabric because we all know the threatening effects of ultraviolet rays. Also, when FIBC Bags are kept in a safe place, one does not need to be stressed about sudden climatic changes.

  • Double check the loops and sleeves:

All FIBC Bags come with loops attached to it and it is essential to ensure they are well checked from time to time. While these loops are the ultimate solution while lifting the bags, it is important to ensure that the lift liners and loops are in proportionate distance with the pallet in the case the bag is supposed to be put on the pallet. Improper construction of any of these parts or requirements can cause a heavy downfall while carrying heavy loads.

  • Never overweight your FIBC Bags:

Every FIBC Bag comes along with a typical weight that it can stand or carry. Any little additional weight can cost the opposite reaction when it is carrying any hazardous material or if overburdened. In fact, it can also cost negative consequences in terms of the product it is carrying. One should always follow the specifications that come along with the bag in terms of properly handling, storing and transporting FIBC Bags. Any good FIBC Bags supplier will recommend you the basic guidelines you need to follow while purchasing FIBC Bags and following those guidelines and rules are mandatory for maintaining the longevity and sturdy quality of the

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