Businesses all around the globe dealing in manufacturing of products for proper sales have a common requirement, which is convenience for transportation of their products. It is because of this reason that large amount of investment is made by different organizations for the utility of transportation requirements from time to time. The main reason behind this is the large scale challenges that appear with transportation of product from one place to another. These challenges usually accounts to multiple natural factors like temperature and changes it may face during its shipping, humidity, exposure to sunlight and more. Other than these the transportation of a product may also encounter barriers pertaining to product requirement since some product are very delicate and thus needs more care than the others or compatibility factors that may rise because of the product being unanimous to the transportation utility that is used for transportation of the product. These challenges thus identified rises multifold when it comes to packaging and transportation of fine powders from one place to another creating a lot of chaos for businesses deal with FINE POWDERS.  For this, a must solution for dealing with fine powders with the required care was much needed, paving way to the usage of polyethylene liners.

A Polyethylene (PE) container liner is essentially a packaging material used to create a boundary between the container carrying products that are to be shipped. These liners are effective for transporting materials like minerals, powders, seeds and food as these tend to clash against each other creating frictions, thus damaging it selves. As the name claims, the material used to make these liners is polyethylene. They are designed from flexible polyethylene material based on the requirements of usage in order to facilitate any ISO standard container to be shipped in bulk, in an easy and efficient manner. The design of polyethylene liner comes in dry bulk container liner based on the needs of the buyer.  For example: single layer, double layer, triple layer for food, hazardous and non – hazardous for dry, semi wet and slurry products. The polyethylene liners create a layer that encourage to line the inside wall of the container. This is done to make sure that the product inside the container does not come in direct contact with the container. The container liners are usually made up of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and  play a vital role in the creation of an extra wall inside the container. This, in turn, ensures the safeguarding of the product and at the same time readily bars out any kinds of contamination. The manufacturing of polyethylene liner can be carried out as per the requirements of the customer and his business, depending on the nature of the products to be packed.  

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