Packaging industry is perhaps few of the most underrated industries without which no products can reach its consumers. In spite of immense importance, are not fully aware of the science and technology behind it and fails to understand its value. I being the owner of an edible oil company understand that vital it is to choose the right packaging for your product as well as the company whom has the potential to do justice with my product.

Actually, it can’t be denied that the packaging of a product is responsible for creating the first impression in your customer’s mind. Moreover, a good packaging is quintessential for your product which not only creates a good impression but also it assures the longevity of the product. As our company produces edible oil, we are always keen to rely on a trusted brand whom is proficient enough to produce the polypropylene woven bags. And that too with high efficiency and professionalism. Our products come with PP woven bags with matt, glossy and BOPP sandwich coating that makes it attractive over its contemporaries. As these materials are comprised of higher tensile strength, they offer much more tear and corrosion resistivity than the PVC woven bags and sacks. Also, they are much lighter for which they don’t become a burden itself for the customer.

Besides, for any business it is quite important to look at factors like these before launching them to the market in any way. Being a trusted brand with tumultuous level of knowledge in packaging industry RTF is serving their customers since years. I, as a customer has to admit this that all of their products go through thorough quality checks before coming to the clients.

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