While you may deliver the best breads in anywhere or knock-your-socks-off coffee, you could be missing out on a valuable client base if your business hasn’t gone green. In fact, most of western prefer to deal with companies who have a reputation for caring about the environment, so you can gain a competitive advantage and protect the planet when you go green.

Here are five tips to get you started.
Offer Organic Products
A line of organic foods — from bread baked with organic flour to organic eggs and vegetables in your brunch quiches — and organic beverages, particularly tea and coffee, can give consumers the options that they demand. If organic prices are just too high, you could instead offer gluten-free, vegan, fair-trade, and/or non-GMO options. And for the truly ambitious, a commitment to switching all of your ingredients to organic or non-GMO within the next five years could give you a substantial sales boost.

Use Biodegradable Cleaning Supplies
Petroleum-based cleaning supplies have earned a reputation for polluting the earth’s water supply and air quality. When more people are using plant-based, biodegradable cleaning products in their own home, it makes sense that businesses should do the same. Switch to plant-based cleaning supplies, and you can inform customers that they are entering a non-toxic zone.

Upgrade Your Energy Efficiency
With well over 200 days of sunshine a year in almost every major Australian city, the country is a prime place to reap the benefits of solar energy. The Department of the Environment and Energy offers a number of incentive programmes for businesses who want to take advantage of this. But even if going solar is just too extreme for you, you may still qualify for a grant to upgrade to more efficient appliances, or even an electric company vehicle if you deliver. Reduce Waste and Encourage Recycling .Recycling Waste reduction is a simple environmentally friendly measure that every restaurant or cafe, whether large or small, can practice. Simple tactics, like asking your take-out customers if they need napkins or utensils rather than handing them out to everyone, can significantly reduce paper and plastic waste. You can also set up recycling bins instead of trash cans; clearly label one for food waste, one for paper, and one for plastic, and you may be surprised to
see how many of your customers appreciate that they can recycle in-store.

Use Sustainable Packaging
Bag & disposable coffee cup If you are going to offer recycling at your store, you need to make sure your food packaging is recyclable. And while you’re at it, use packaging that was sustainably sourced, and choose reusable options such as pine or bamboo dishes for catering. Your customers will thank you, the earth will thank you, and your sales records will thank you, too.

Our family-owned business at Royal Touch Fablon has all the eco-friendly packaging your restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, or bakery could need. Eco-friendly packaging that will help you to save the earth, and on the same time increase your customer base.

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