Manufacturers are fast realizing the benefits and convenience of bulk bags today and have largely shifted their focus to using them for bulk material transport. Previously, where bulk bags were only used to transport cement or sand; today, they are used in many industries that require transporting sophisticated dry raw materials. These industries include pharmaceutical, chemical, and food among others.

Royaltouch Fablon Bulk Bag Unloader

However, with the use of all kinds of materials that suppliers have to transport comes the responsibility for optimal discharge. Even with discharge equipment at hand, it can be frustrating to achieve smooth material flow and dust free operations. So here are some tips to help you optimize bulk bag discharging:

For proper discharge, it’s important that correct safety measures and ergonomics are in place as well. For example, the bag outlet sprout shouldn’t be difficult to reach to untie. No operator should have to reach under a suspended bulk bag for any reason or feel the need to reach out between moving parts of the discharging equipment. Everything should be in order and at perfect angles.

Where there is a need, use customized discharging equipment or at least the right type of equipment for the right product to optimize the discharge process. Otherwise, you will experience inaccurate weighing, inconsistent transfer of material and thus low productivity and profitability, not to mention the product loss.

As soon as you see signs of the first trouble that the discharging equipment is not working properly, it’s time to change, replace, or get it fixed. However, some signs that replacement alone is not going to solve the problem are that the equipment needs frequent maintenance, poor flow, or yield from the equipment and the increased frequency of failed working parts.

Sometimes, discharging problems occur because of the use of the wrong type of liners for the product. The product may be caught up in the folds of the liners or it may be coming off with the it. Some manufacturers and suppliers may find it difficult to dispose liners in a dust free manner. All this causes inefficiency in the discharging process. Make sure you buy the right fit and type of liners for your bulk bags and the material for which it will be used.

Additionally, some other signs that you should alarm you about the discharging process include the use of manual shaking to the bags to discharge the complete product or a large bulk of it failing to discharge on its own through the discharge equipment and process.

As a supplier, you can eliminate discharging problems by spotting them at first instance and using the right bulk bags, liners and discharging equipments for your products. For more assistance or information regarding this information please feel free to contact us at any time .

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